Makeup Grad Gets Down and Dirty

It’s not every day you get to hear a former hair model smile and say, “I love blood, guts, and aliens.” But VFS Makeup grad Lesley Rosiak is taking her first steps toward a blood and guts-soaked career in cinematic makeup effects.

Lesley just wrapped on In the Name of the King, a feature adaptation of the video game Dungeon Siege directed by Uwe Boll. She didn’t spill any alien guts this time, but she did soil a lot of village folk. Continue reading

New Post-Production House Winning Acclaim in Brazil

Rodrigo Alzueta After graduating from VFS Sound Design, 47 year-old Rodrigo Alzueta founded post-production house Marinaside Studios. Since then, Alzueta’s work has featured in 3 Brazilian films.

But life for Alzueta hadn’t always catered to his creativity. Despite a love of music and all things audio, a dreary, unrewarding career in computer engineering gobbled up a huge portion of his life. He felt his creative energy slipping away; he knew needed a change – and soon.

“I’d been a musician since I was 16 years-old,” he says of the desire that finally won over. “So I took my knowledge of computers and my knowledge of music and put them together.”

Computers + Music = Sound Engineer

Rodrigo enrolled in Vancouver Film School’s sound design program, where he joined several other hopeful sound students – all of whom were considerably younger than him. Despite this, “Sharing that time with my younger and very talented peers was very exciting.”

He also met and was mentored by a personal hero, Tim McGuiness, Sound Design instructor and thirty-year veteran of the Vancouver sound design community. “When I lived in Uruguay I read his articles in Keyboard Magazine. He’s one of my idols.”

Small Town – Big Sounds

After graduation, Rodrigo returned to Brazil with his wife, who manages the pedagogic and arts departments at Liceu, a non-profit organization that provides training in art, dance, and music to the very poor in Salvador de Bahia. Since Alzueta was not about to work for someone else, he decided to open his own post-house – and Marinaside Studios was born.

“[At Marinaside] I do everything. I edit dialogue, sfx, spfx, music, backgrounds, and foleys. I record, I pre-mix, and I do the final mix.” Rodrigo’s relentless networking, self-promotion, and his “boutique” style studio eventually attracted local productions and eager, needy talent.

Audio for Video

“I did two short films: Na terra do Sol by director Lula de Oliveira, which is an epic 15 minute film that met critical acclaim at the Vancouver Latin Film Festival; the second film was Vermelho Rubro, an 18 minute romance directed by Sofia Federico that placed third at the last Brasilia Film Festival. Now I am finishing a feature film titled When Nothing Happens from Brazilian director Joao Gabriel.”

Despite all his inborn talent and indomitable persistence, Alzueta admits that VFS was a large influence on his present success. “The year I spent at VFS was the highlight of my life.”

First Digital Design Class Explodes with Talent

After an intense year of copious creation, hard-won satisfaction, and stretched imaginations, the graduates of VFS Digital Design class #1 are now enjoying success in the world of professional visual design.

VFS caught up with four of them and, despite their tight schedules, took down their opinions on their new jobs, life in Vancouver, and their VFS experience.

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