3D Grad on “The League of Super Evil”

The League of Super EvilIronically enough, 3D and Foundation grad Daphne Angela De Jesus has no qualms about using the skills she honed at VFS for evil – The League of Super Evil, that is. She spent the fall doing contract work on the show (currently still in production) as a Compositor for Vancouver’s Nerd Corps Entertainment Inc.

“I’m happy to have worked on [The League of Super Evil],” she says. “I definitely liked this particular project because the show is very funny! We watched the new episodes that were finished with post-production about every two weeks during dailies, and I really enjoy this show.”

She worked as a compositor the whole time she was there. “Compositing is putting together rendered 3D images and doing necessary treatments to achieve the final look – like color correcting, tracking, rotoscoping, finding illegal colours, banding, crashing, or reporting animation or render errors,” she describes. “I found the job very easy since it was work that I have trained myself to do at VFS.”

“The experience at Nerd Corps wasn’t a big surprise because the [VFS] 3D program is structured like a studio environment. [Nerd Corps] was very similar in that a lot of your coworkers are in a big room like the Ant Farm, where you all work together.”

“It was a good learning experience. First jobs aren’t supposed to be glamorous,” Daphne reasons. “It’s a first kick in the rear so that the next one doesn’t seem to hurt as much.”

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