Student Title Sequence Heads to SXSW

Digital Design student Christopher Harrell is heading to Austin – and he’s in some very good company.

Christopher’s Term 3 title sequence, Ladybird, is both gorgeous and incredibly unsettling. It’s also a finalist in the South by Southwest Title Design Competition, alongside such films as Up in the Air, Where the Wild Things Are, and Zombieland. Here’s the New York Times’ take on the competition, which specifically makes reference to Christopher’s work.

In their third of six terms, Digital Design students create title sequences for a film that doesn’t exist… yet. In short, it’s a chance to create something by combining the skills and experience they’ve picked up so far in their year. Often, it’s when students really get to cut loose creatively. (One of Christopher’s fellow YouTube Scholarship winners got to go to Beijing on the strength of his. And the two sequences could not be more different.)

The award, selected by a jury that includes the founders of the amazing The Art of the Title Sequence, will be handed out on Tuesday, March 16th. Watch Ladybird below, then head over to Christopher’s site for a brief but interesting case study on its creation!

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