Grad Designs Nike Gift Card Motion Graphic

It’s been less than a year since Christopher Harrell graduated from the Digital Design program, but he’s already working as a designer at the Seattle-based firm World Famous, who have recently completed a high profile motion graphic promo for Nike.

To anyone following Christopher’s career (like us!), it’s not surprising to see how well he’s been able to handle the work — especially after winning a VFS/YouTube Scholarship and placing as a finalist at SXSW’s Title Design competition.

He told us more about his role on this project:

“I was one of the three main designers who worked on this spot at World Famous. Initially, my main responsibility for the piece was the animation of all the product ‘explosions.’ I worked in Cinema 4D to animate the explosions and the camera moves. There was a lot of back and forth between C4D and Maya, which is what the other designers were working in to create the environment.

“After finishing up the 3D portion of the project, we all worked to composite the renders together and add all the finishing touches that were needed in After Effects. I also specifically worked on most of the transitions where the card would turn back into the characters. It was definitely a challenging project on a pretty huge scale for such a small amount of people, but in the end we were all pretty happy with what we came up with.”

Click here to watch the Nike gift card promo, courtesy of the World Famous website.

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