Acting Grads Walk The Dead Mile

Three Acting for Film & Television grads have been cast in an upcoming independent feature film, The Dead Mile. Set in Calgary, Alberta, production of this “romantic zombie-horror” film begins this month and focuses on the annual Zombie Walk in Calgary.

Featuring plenty of gore – by the looks of the film’s Facebook page photos – VFS grads Sean Dykink, Wade Sun, and Angelica Janik will likely be zombie grub before shooting wraps.

Sean says he’ll be playing “a somewhat cocky farm boy who loves slasher flicks” while Wade describes his character as “the lead character’s boss, Kevin, who has a napoleon complex.” (No word yet on Angelica’s character. which might mean she’s been turned into one of them already.)

“I got the part by sending in an audition tape that I filmed when I was visiting family back home in Edmonton,” says Sean. “I received the audition from my agent halfway through vacation and got help from friends and family with running the scenes and then finally taping the audition.”

Break legs, everyone! (And don’t get bitten!)

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