Meet the 2012 Miles Nurse Scholarship Winner

Digital Design will soon be welcoming a promising young designer to the VFS community. We’re proud to announce the winner of the 2012 Miles Nurse Scholarship is Ryan Ali from Cranbrook, BC!

Named after senior faculty member Miles Nurse and worth $2,500 towards tuition in the Digital Design program, the annual scholarship recognizes an incoming student who demonstrates a strong interest and passion for interactive design, problem solving, and storytelling.

“My dream job would be to lead the creative design of interactive, educational software for children,” Ryan wrote in his application. “I anticipate that this position would involve collaborating with children’s authors, artists, editors, and administrators to produce stimulating media that will enhance children’s learning through the use of mobile platforms such as the iPad.”

Congratulations, Ryan. Best of luck pursuing your dream!

Check out Oomph for a recent interview with previous scholarship winners Arcelia Ocaña Manjarrez and Jane Haezer Saputra.

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