Canadian Film Reveals Personal Side of Tsunami Horror

A dramatic feature that opens in Vancouver this Friday shows the effects of the devastating 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami in a new, much more personal light. Snow, written and directed by Film Production alum Rohan Fernando, tells the story of Parvati, a young woman who loses her family in the tragedy and must adapt – with great difficulty – to a new life in Canada.

The trailer tells it better than we ever could:

Rohan originally hails from Sri Lanka, a country that suffered tens of thousands of casualties on Boxing Day 2004. A year later, he was visiting relatives who had suffered personal losses. That’s when it all truly hit home. Snow was a salve for the desensitization of distance and a 24-hour news cycle, a way to look at the tragedy’s aftermath through a more intimate lens.

“Having a personal connection to the Asian tsunami compelled me to be as honest as possible to the kind of journey Parvati goes on,” Rohan tells us. “I didn’t want to make a film that gave pat answers or reduce her suffering into melodrama.”

“I felt the most powerful thing a film like this could do is to create a character we could inhabit and empathize with as an audience, so my approach was to make a film that is an intensely subjective point of view of our main character. The camera work, sound design, and music all work toward this end. Her suffering has made her compassionate rather than angry and she brings that compassion to the various characters she meets on her journey – who have all suffered loss in their own way. Ultimately, I believe this is what connects us all.”

Find out more about the making of the film at the official site. Also well worth watching is this video of Rohan explaining his motivation for making Snow.

Snow is showing at Vancouver’s Granville 7 Cinemas beginning Friday, April 27. See showtimes and buy your tickets now.

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