Short Film Done? Take It to Cannes

What do you do when your film is shot, edited… done? You take it on the road.

And if you can swing it, that road is to the French Riviera.

That’s why two groups of Film Production grads are taking their films to Cannes this month, to participate in the Short Film Corner – a schmoozing free-for-all that hopefully means getting to shake the right hands at the right time. These grads forged a creative network in their year at VFS – now it’s time to go overseas.

Himmat Sarkaria, Director of Like Smoke, will be making the trip with Producer Jose Hiriart. ”It’s a great opportunity to network globally,” Himmat says. “The Short Film Corner is the best platform to meet global distributors and producers.”

“Getting a distribution deal is certainly our top priority but the experience and the opportunity to learn firsthand how the global market works is amazing itself.”

“It’s kind of like job hunting,” Film Production alum and producer Jake Warren recently told the Bellingham Herald. With three other students, including director Leigh O’Neill and two others, Jake’s bringing his film Mr. Lamaze’s Dire Love to the Short Film Corner.

But it’s more than just a networking event. The experience itself is unlike anything else.

“I’m feeling incredibly excited right now about this trip,” Jake told us last week before boarding his flight. “I’ve been stressing for the past month about getting everything in order, and it’s all pulling together really nicely, which has allowed me to finally take in the fact that we’re going to Cannes.”

“The whole concept is definitely overwhelming, and I don’t think it will actually sink in until we are standing in the Palais.”

Himmat agrees. “It’s Cannes. The whole experience of attending a festival of this magnitude will be a lifetime experience. We’re somewhat nervous but we also are very excited and very grateful for this opportunity.”

“Our class became so close over the year,” Jake says. “It’s one thing to be going to Cannes, but getting to go with a group of your friends, who happen to be incredibly talented artists, just makes it an experience of a lifetime. It’s my first trip to Europe, and I’m overjoyed to be spending it with this group of friends!”

We’ll be checking in throughout the festival to see what these two groups of grads are doing to make the most of their time in France. Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter for regular updates!

Like Smoke Official Site
Mr. Lamaze’s Dire Love Official Site


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