Grads Win Bloodshots, Props from Zombie King George A. Romero

A little before Halloween, a group composed almost entirely of VFS alumni got together and made a short horror flick in 48 hours.

It was called Fidelium.

And it just won the grand prize at Bloodshots Canada 2012.

Which means it was chosen by none other than George A. Romero.

Yes, that one.

The team – which includes director/editor/Film Production Darren Borrowman, writer/producer Bob Woolsey (Writing for Film & Television), and producers Keith Opatovsky (Writing), and Lindsey Mann (Entertainment Business Management) – was singled out for praise by the Godfather of Zombies:

“I believe that a filmmaker’s first responsibility is to tell a story. I feel that [these filmmakers] did exactly that in their film ‘FIDELIUM’.” (Read his full quote here.)

Of course, it takes a village to raise a film. And the VFS connections are almost too numerous to list.

“We had such a great team of actors and crew – 95% of whom were VFS alumni, coming from Acting, Film Production, Writing, EBM, Foundation, Makeup Design, and Digital Design,” Darren says. “And with everyone knowing where they fit into the production, it was almost easy to make this film the best we could. Almost!”

“Film competitions like this are crazy. You have no idea what you’re going to make ahead of time, and even though we plan a few of our logistics, like actors and locations, we wait until we get the inspiration package before we start any kind of story. In the past, we’ve always done comedies, and we nearly went that way this year too. Horror short films are really challenging to pull off without becoming cheesy or ridiculous, and they scare me a little bit!”

The stamp of approval from Romero is icing on the bloody cake.

“To be chosen as the best film by George A. Romero is incredible,” Darren says. “I mean, come on! The King of the Zombie Movie! The horror master himself! His kind words and feedback are really appreciated. We really loved making the movie, and it’s really great to hear that others do too.”

You can read a little more about the making of Fidelium – which the team now hopes to bring to the festival circuit – right here.

Congratulations, team!

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