Acting Students Meet VP of Casting at Fox Broadcasting Company

From Left to right: Allyson Leet, Seth Yanklewitz, Michael Lazarovitch, and Jennifer Clement.

A few weeks ago, Acting for Film & Television and Acting Essentials students gathered for a Q&A with Seth Yanklewitz, Vice President of Casting at the Fox Broadcasting Company. A graduate of NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, Yanklewitz currently oversees casting for Emmy Award-nominated New Girl, as well as GothamThe FollowingRed Band Society, and Sleepy Hollow.

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After the 2015 Academy Award nominations were announced, a hashtag was born: #OscarsSoWhite. Not since 1998 have we seen such a lack of representation in diversity, across all categories, but there has been a positive aspect to this whole thing. People are actually talking about it, there’s movement, you can feel a cultural shift in the conversation — enough is enough.

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The Art of Voice Acting

Last week, Acting for Film & Television students had the opportunity to ask some of Vancouver’s most prominent voice actors — along with a high-profile agent and creative director — anything they wanted to know about their craft and the business side of things. It was an extraordinary gathering of talent, on and off the “stage”. Listening to the actors’ demo reels was a real highlight and most students recognized at least a few of the animated cartoon voices — a lot of cheering, a lot of fun. The advice that was repeated by the panel participants was: do it only if you love it and train. It’s safe to say that the students in attendance are good on both counts.

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Gastown Movie Magic

Gastown is a movie-making hub; a beautiful backdrop for television, films, and our very own school. If you’ve never experienced the unique architecture, shops, and culture of this area before, don’t sweat it! Next week we will be uploading a new image every day of spots in and around VFS that have been transformed into some of our favourite sets on screen.

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Don’t Miss the Magic at These VFS Info Sessions Near You

VFS Results are Magical

The VFS Info Sessions are now closed. We so enjoyed meeting all of you — thanks for coming out!

VFS is heading to select North American cities to meet talented and promising artists. We’re looking for people just like you – passionate animators, designers, writers, filmmakers, and actors who are ready to dedicate one year to discovering and refining their skills.

The real-world results of a VFS education are nothing short of magic. In 2014 alone, VFS grads contributed to 19 of the year’s top 20 films, 3D Animation & Visual Effects grad Lino Di Salvo was Disney’s Head of Animation for the Oscar-winning Frozen, and 75 VFS students and alumni collaborated in the production of the upcoming feature-length film, Charlotte’s Song.

See how the massive effort you put into building real-world skills as a VFS student can turn into a rewarding industry career.

Be sure to click on your city to save your seat!

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Acting Students at Academie Duello

Instructor David McCormick guides students in an exercise with the staff.

If you’ve ever walked down West Hastings, chances are you’ve noticed Academie Duello Centre for Swordplay. With large windows at the street level, the beautiful studio is on full display and there are always a healthy number of classes in session. It’s hard to suppress the urge to strap on medieval gear and jump in, but thankfully for the Acting for
Film & Television
students at Vancouver Film School, they didn’t have to!

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2014: Hard Work Brings Results

Instead of wondering when your next vacation is, maybe you should set up a life you don’t need to escape from.” — Seth Godin

From the beginning, Vancouver Film School has been a place where passion meets commitment, and not just to the year, but to a creative future. Life beyond is a sweet pursuit, carved by the students’ own hands and theirs to discover. Is there anything more satisfying than that? For us, it’s watching it all transpire.

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This Really Has Been My Year

For Beatriz Brenes, winning a Vancouver Film School My Year Scholarship  gave her permission to embrace her passion for acting and focus on the craft full time. Now in her fourth term in the Acting for Film & Television program, she reflects on her time before it all started and how she has grown into the artist she is today. It’s all about saying yes, being brave, and never giving up.

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