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VFS All Access Pass | Digital Design & VR/AR is your exclusive backstage access to VFS’s Digital Design and VR/AR Design & Development programs. This is your chance to experience your future designing innovative content for the creative tech industries.

You’ll meet & chat with faculty, join an Industry Talk on ‘Motion Design in Sports & Entertainment’, experience a demo in unleashing AR in Adobe Aero, take part in portfolio reviews, and more. PLUS, speak with our Admissions Advisors about possible tuition reductions.


JUST ANNOUNCED: You can now experience virtual gaming at this event. Strap on a headset, step into a VR/AR student game, and experience this new level of gaming for yourself!


Event Details:

Date: Thursday, May 30, 2024 **POSTPONED - new date to be confirmed**
Time: 4:30 – 7 p.m. PDT
Location: 420 Homer Street, Vancouver, BC, V6B 2V5

*Light food & drink will be provided.


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Meet VFS’s Head of Digital Design & VR/AR Design & Development

Meet Calina Franz-Hernandez, Head of VFS’s Digital Design and VR/AR Design & Development programs. Calina’s background includes 10 years of product design experience working in industries ranging from VR game design, finance, and education technology for various local and national companies. Discover how Calina has channeled this experience into VFS’s innovative curriculum through production-based & collaborative training models.

Industry Talk: Motion Design in Sports & Entertainment

One of the specializations of VFS’s Digital Design program, Motion Design is the art of bringing graphic design to life through animation. Join Communication Designer and VFS Instructor Kelsie Lee for an Industry Talk on Motion Design in Sports & Entertainment as Kelsie details how she’s crafted compelling sports experience branding for organizations like Vancouver Canucks, Vancouver Whitecaps FC, and Pacific FC.

Unleashing AR with Adobe Aero

Explore what’s possible through the lens of your phone camera! Through a demo hosted by VFS Digital Design Instructor Nour Al-Amoudi, discover how to design unforgettable AR experiences using Adobe Aero. Snap a quick photo and see yourself inserted right into an incredible AR background. Note: This interactive demo requires the Aero app (available for AR-capable Smartphones). Computers will also be made available for this experience.

Your Personal Portfolio Review

You’ll have the opportunity to review your design portfolio with our faculty and Admissions team. Don’t be shy! We’re looking forward to reviewing your work – anything that illustrates your passion for design. This is your chance to see if you meet the prerequisites for our Digital Design and/or VR/AR programs.

Experience All That VFS’s Digital Design and VR/AR Programs Offer

While VFS’s Digital Design program trains you to become an interactive, motion, or graphic designer in 12 months, our VR/AR Design & Development program trains you in just 8 months to build the tools of tomorrow for virtual and augmented reality.

Through the Digital Design program, students learn unique design approaches to tell powerful stories, create stunning portfolio work utilizing 3D graphics, typography, and branding, and even work on a project for an actual client to create work that the world will get to see & experience. In VFS’s VR/AR Design & Development program, you’ll learn everything from creating 2D/3D assets in Adobe & Maya, to developing applications in Unity & Unreal, and working on an exciting client-based final project.

Alumni from VFS’s School of Games & Creative Design go on to work for the largest tech companies in the world including Google, Apple, Meta, Amazon, Electronic Arts, and Microsoft. Find out how our students develop their skillsets and networks through our program to land these high-profile industry positions.

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